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Guest Referral Form (Send-to-a-Friend)

A Guest Referral Form allows your visitors to Email their friends a personal invitation to visit your website. Optionally, they may include a page from your website in the Email message. The Guest Referral Form works only with WebValence-hosted websites.

Two presentations are available:

  • Open new window: Visitors click a link to open a referral form window.

  • Display inline form: Visitors navigate to a page on your website that displays a referral form.

From the referral form, visitors enter their name and email address, their friend's name and email address, and a personal message, which they preview before sending. This form also requires a security code the visitor must read and enter to increase security and reduce spam.

The first presentation (form in bare window) is better for recommending various individual pages in a large website. The second method (inline form) is better for recommending a small website on a refer-your-friend page.

Set up a Guest Referral Form

Follow the outline below to add a Guest Referral Form to your web site.
  1. Select the web page or pages where you want the referral form link to appear. If you prefer to develop a page for the referral form, create that page, and add it to the navigation system for your website.
  2. Fill out the Referral Form Creation Wizard Below. The Wizard will generate code for the page or pages you want to contain a link to the referral form. Note that the form wizard requires you to choose between form in window versus inline form presentation.
  3. Required: Copy and add the required code to the page(s) you've chosen to contain the referral form link or frame, following instructions in the code.
  4. Optional: Copy the CSS code. Using your HTML or text editor, paste the CSS into a new file and save it as "send-to-friend.css". Place this file in the root directory for your website. If you understand CSS, you may modify this code to upgrade the appearance of the standard referral form.
  5. Upload the pages you've modified and test your referral link. If you get stuck, please contact us at support@webvalence.com or 503-335-3442.

Code Creation Wizard

Guest Referral Form Creation Wizard
Complete the following entries to specify the Guest Referral Form
Notify Site Owner of Referrals? Yes No
Owner Name:
Owner Email:
Show Website Form:
Popup Window Inline
Show Narrow Compact Form:
Normal Form Compact Form
Optional Website Form SubHead:
Example: Tell a Friend
Optional Website Form Caption:
Example: Complete and Preview Below
Email message includes: Message & Web page Message Only
Title of Website or Page:
Example: Coaching for Mere Mortals
URL of Website or Page:
Example: coaching4meremortals.com
Number of Friends on Form:
Default Subject for Email:
Example: Interesting Website

Default Message for Email:
You may want to link to the web site in the text of the message.

Activate the Generate button to fill the text field with code:
Follow instructions in the comments to paste the code on your web page.

Follow instructions in the comments to upload the css on your web page.

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