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Adobe Contribute

Adobe Contribute allows individuals and teams to update web content while maintaining site integrity. Contribute is cross-platform compatible with Mac or Windows. Contribute is a great tool for people who will be adding and changing content on their sites once a month or more.

Adobe states that Contribute works with sites created with various authoring tools. We recommend using Contribute with sites built in Adobe Dreamweaver for maximum compatibility.

Using Contribute for Updating Web Site Content

Adobe ContributeWe recommend that you have a professional designer prepare and upload your web site to web server host computer. Ask your designer to create a web site that is compatible with Contribute.

If you already have a web site, ask us for an opinion about whether you should use Contribute. If we give you the thumbs up, then you can visit Adobe for a comprehensive overview of Contribute and download a no-risk 30-day free trial.

Step by Step Instructions for Getting Started with Contribute

  1. Download Contribute from the Adobe web site and install it on your computer.

  2. Send an email to support@webvalence.com requesting a Contribute connection key for your web site. You will receive the email "Contribute Connection Key" sent to you by WebValence.

    Double click the Contribute icon labeled with your web site name.
    Contribute launches and opens the form:

    Fill in your name, email address and connection key password.
    Tap "OK".

    Contribute opens your web site.

  3. Browse to a page on the web site for editing.

    Click "Edit Page".
    The page will open in editing format.
    Perform your edits and tap "Publish Page".

  4. Verify the Result in a Browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) If you don't see your changes, then request a refresh/reload.

Before you pick up the phone, notice that Adobe Contribute ships with extensive Help. Access Help from the menu, then search for a topic of interest. You will probably be amazed with all the Contribute can help you do.

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