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Vacation Responders

Vacation responders provide a predefined response to an email. These are typically used to inform people of your absence and expected return.

Your WebValence mail account allows you to setup a vacation responder (provided that you use a WebValence mail box and not a forwarding address).

Standard Responsers

If you want to setup responders on some other account name, see responders.

Creating Your Vacation Responder

Follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your webmail account (https://mail.webvalence.com/)
  2. Select the "Mail Rules" button Webvalence Webmail Tutorial Mail Rules Button Exampleor "rules" iconWebvalence Webmail Tutorial Rules Icon Example.
  3. Click on the "Clear 'Clear Replied Addresses' List" buttonWebvalence Wemail Tutorial Clear Replied Addresses Button Example to make sure that everyone who emails you will get a copy of your vacation message. You can read more about this feature.

  4. If you want your vacation message to end on a certain date, check the "Ends" box and select your date.
  5. Enter your vacation message in the "Vacation Message" box.
  6. Choose the "Enable" buttonWebvalence Webmail Tutorial Vacation Message Enable Icon.
  7. Hit the green checkmark to save your changesWebvalence Webmail Tutorial Save Icon Example.

  8. Test your vacation message by sending a yourself an email from a different account, such as your Hotmail or Gmail address. You should receive a response in a few minutes.


Clearing Your Replied Addresses List

The replied addresses list keeps track of addresses to which it has sent your vacation message, ensuring that it delivers your responder only once to each address. You will need to clear this list before you enable your vacation message. Otherwise, it will not go to any addresses that have received a vacation message from you in the past.

Updating Your Vacation Responder

You may update your vacation responder at any time. Access the rules page and change the text in the "Vacation Message" text area. Select "Save"Webvalence Webmail Tutorial Save Icon Example to save your changes.

Disabling Your Vacation Responder

If you didn't select an ending date, remember to log back in when your vacation is over and uncheck "Enable" and then hit the Save button Webvalence Webmail Tutorial Save Icon Example.



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