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Web Site Hosting Services

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Web site design establishes messages, look, and feel. Web Site hosting features add functional features.

Web Server Environment

WebValence provides a Linux and cPanel web server environment. Our web servers support:
  • Apache Web Server
  • Lasso Scripting
  • PHP Scripting
  • MySQL databases
  • Filemaker databases
  • Secure E-commerce

Applications such as Blogs, Bulletin Boards, Shopping Carts and so forth may be added to your web site.


We recommend, install, and support the WordPress software.

Information about WordPress Blogging More on our Blog Support

Content Management Systems

Many people are choosing Wordpress as their content management system. While Wordpress is often known as a blogging platform, it also works well for content management of websites owned and managed by individuals or small groups.

We also install the popular open-source content managment system from Joomla!


Many of our customers add value to their web sites by selling appropriate products and services.

Our E-commerce solution looks like it belongs to your web site and provides the convenience of back office administration. You can easily change the products or services that your shopping pages offer.

The shopping cart interfaces with your merchant account and gateway.

More on our E-Commerce Solution

We also install and configure shopping cart solutions, such as zen-cart from open source or third party software suppliers.

Traffic Generation

Broadcast Email is the most effective referral engine. We recommend that you publish a Ezine or announcement once a month.

More on Broadcast Email

Encourage visitors to Email their friends while they are at your web site with our refer-a-friend scripting.

More on Refer a Friend

Search Engine Optimization improves that ranking for your site on search engine result pages.

More on Search Engine Optimization


Web sites that implement membership access vary in complexity depending on your needs.

More on Membership Facilities


MultiMedia and Animation

We recommend motion and sound for many web sites These can be added in a variety of ways. Media clips can be added to enable voice & music. We recommend Flash for creating those carefully custom-choreographed movies that make your visitors say "WOW." For full motion video, we recommend QuickTime and Windows Media.


Web Site Scripting Services

Web Site Scripts are computer programs used to add special features to web pages. Some typical scripted functions are:
  • Fill out a form and Email it the site owner (Form to Mail)
  • Take an Automatically scored Self-test
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Sends a copy of a web page to a friend (Refer a Friend)

WebValence supports the following scripting technologies:

  • Browser: Javascript and Flash
  • Open Source: PHP
  • Proprietary: Lasso

Scripts may require a database to support their functionality. WebValence supports the following databases:

  • Open Source: MySQL
  • Proprietary: Filemaker


Please call or Email support@webvalence.com (503) 335-3442.
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