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Web Site Development Process

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Web Site Designs

Experience suggests that most small business owners are not good web site developers. Therefore, we recommend that you employ a professional web site developer for your business site. Of the hundreds of web sites we've developed since 1997, we have selected a few examples to represent a variety of our work.

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Our Web Site Development Process

  1. Discover web site requirements,
  2. Document work to be performed, with price and schedule,
  3. Design prototype pages for your approval,
  4. Assist with content production as needed, and
  5. Develop and implement the web site.

The web site development process normally takes from one to six weeks.

Document Web Site Requirements

You don't have to know exactly what you want in a web site. We start where you are and provide a structured interview process to help you verbalize your web site requirements. We have developed a Website Planning Guide (MS Word Document 46KB) to help you provide guidance.

Document a Work Statement

With the web site requirements in mind, we develop a written work statement, summarizing the requirements and the work to be done. The work statement includes a fixed price and schedule.

Design Prototype Pages

With an agreement on the work statement, a designer will talk with you about your design ideas and preferences. Within a day or two, the designer will produce prototype pages which demonstrate the appearance of the web site, with example graphics, text, and navigation aids. Based on your feedback, the designer will update the design to realize your goals.

When you approve a prototype page design, a layout technician will layout your preferred page design in HTML and CSS, producing a design template. This design template is checked with recent popular web browsers to ensure that it renders as designed on different platforms and browsers.

Fun with Fonts and Colors Fun with Color Palettes and Type Faces

Assist with Content Production

Most of our customers prefer to develop their own web site content. Depending on your needs, we do provide substantial or light edits. Since developing web site content frequently bottlenecks site production, it's preferable to have a substantial amount of copy ready to place on your site before you begin.

Develop and Implement the Web Site

Web site content is combined with the design template to produce your new web site. This process includes spell checking, link checking, and standards compliance checking. It also includes the appliication of page titles and hidden descriptive text that helps search engines properly catalog your web site.

Web Site Refund Policy

We expect you to pay for work that you order and we work to ensure that you know what you are ordering.

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Our Designers

Our designers are carefully selected for work quality and dependability.
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