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Visitor Stats

Visitor stats are a summary of information about web site visits. All visitor stats report the same data, but in different ways. All of the reports include summaries of requests by time period and search phrases. All of these reports (except the simple Email report) will require some time and effort to understand fully.

Standard stats are available on all sites at no extra charge. Full graphical stats are available as an extra cost option. If you haven't been using them, you may ask to have them enabled via support@webvalence.com.

Standard Stats

Standard stats, produced by Analog, are standard on all web sites. This reporting provides a summarized monthly history encompassing the previous 12 months. A series of reports is standard with this program:
  1. Monthly summary of requests
  2. Daily summary of requests
  3. Pages most requested
  4. Summary of referring sites
  5. Summary of failed requests
  6. Summary of keywords used by search engines

More on understanding Analog Stats

Optional Stats

Optional stats, produced by AWStats may be ordered on your web site. This reporting provides a monthly, weekly, and daily history bar chart including the approximate number of unique visitors.

Graphical Stats

Graphical stats, produced by Funnel Web Enterprise , are available as an extra cost option. Funnel reporting is recommended for those who are serious about studing traffic and optimizing their web site. Funnel graphical reports are easier to understand and they provide more elusive and helpful information.

Funnel produces several reports in each of following categories:

  1. Requests Summary
  2. Session Summary
  3. Bandwidth Usage
  4. Traffic
  5. Diagnostics
  6. Server
  7. Demographics
  8. Referrals
  9. Systems
  10. Marketing

Examples of questions that Funnel will answer for you:

  • What page did most of the visitors go to next from the home page?
  • Where did people tend to go from this next page?
  • How long did visitors stay at the site?
  • What percentage of the people looked at only the home page and then left?
  • What page was most frequently the one people looked at before leaving the site?
  • How many visitors returned to the site more than once?
  • How many times did the visitors return?
  • What robots visited the site and how many pages did they index?
  • and so forth.

Example of one of the many reports that Funnel produces:

Funnel "Loyalty" report from a site that is getting some repeat visits.

Funnel may well be worth the extra money to some because it gives clearer information about the visitor response to different web site design idea.


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