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See also Web Hosting Prices

See also Ezine Hosting Prices

Contact us at support@webvalence.com if your needs differ from the standard hosting plans.

The following design and setup prices are the guidelines that we use when we perform web site features setup work. Some customers, or web designers, do these setups themselves using instructions in our Customer Support Scripting area.

Setup Services Pricing Guidelines
Broadcast Newsletter
Enables Email Marketing for thousands of subscribers

Broadcast Archive Web Site
Displays previous Email broadcasts on a Web Site archive

Ecommerce Shopping Cart - up to 10 products for sale on secure shopping page via credit card payment (site owner may add more products) $100
Self-Scoring Assessment Design and Layout
Scores itself based on inputs from the site visitor
Web to Mail fill-in Form
Fill-in form on your web site emails you info submitted by vistors. Up to 12 fields organized in tabular fashion
Guest Book or Q&A Pages
Add some basic interactivity to your Web Site
Members Only Realm
Password protected realm with owner-controlled usernames and passwords
Refer a Friend Form
Add web referral to your Web Site using plain text, web pages, or PDFs
Send PostCard to a Friend
Add Post Card sending feature to your website. Visitors can email selected cards to friends

Bulletin Board
Open source PHPBB, Simple Machines, Vbulletin

Site Search Engine
Site search using Google or htDig


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