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About Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) prepares your site for an improved ranking, based on keywords that people are using to search for your products and services.

The goal of improved ranking is to move a site to the first page of the list of sites in search engine results, without paying for the privilege. Being listed on the first page is important, because sites listed on subsequent pages will frequently not be visited by searchers.

Search Engines and Favored Placement

Sites presented in the right column or high-lighted at the top on the search engine response page are called "sponsored sites". Sponsored sites are paying an advertising fee to the search engine owner in exchange for favored placement. Advertising fees are based on the number of people who "click-thru" to the listed site multiplied by the "price per click". This form of advertising is often called "pay per click".

Non-sponsored sites, those not paying for listing position, are the subject of Search Engine Optimization and the information that follows. These sites depend on other factors, such as popularity, content, and currency for their favorable ranking.

Search Engines and Keywords

Search engines respond to keywords typed by the searcher. To get a better match, searchers often enter keyword phrases rather than single words.

Search Engines use proprietary techniques, such as Google's PageRank algorithm, to order the sites that are returned. These consider the use of keywords and other factors to determine the relevancy of a site. The exact factors that are used and the weight given to the different factors is proprietary and subject to change without notice.

It is poor practice to try to trick search engines into a high rating by falsifying any of the information on a web site. Such attempts usually backfire and lead to lowered ranking.

Search Engines People Use

In the past, several dozen search engines competed for market share. Now, three large search engines are used to perform more than 90% of all Internet searches.
  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Bing (Microsoft)

We don't recommend considering search engines Optimization.

Search Engine Registration

Search Engine Registration is generally not recommended for existing web sites, unless they are undergoing a significant update. Registering a web site with search engines was a frequently used past practice that is not helpful. Dominant search engines will find and catalog your site without registering it.

Search Engine Optimization Recommendations

Websites should be designed for compatibility with Search Engines, and kept relevant through routine updates and content addition. Websites should be supplemented by activity in other venues, such as blogs, social networking, and in-person activities such as community service, public speaking and media appearances.


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