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WebValence Refund Policy

Home Services Refund Policy

Internet Hosting Refund Policy

The "Internet Hosting Refund Policy" applies to WebValence Internet hosting services, including web sites, email, and newsletters.

New Customer Accounts

New customers who cancel their accounts within 5 days from the commencement of service will receive a complete refund of hosting fees.

The $25 new account setup fee is non-refundable.

Ongoing Customer Accounts

Ongoing customers, who cancel their accounts during a month will receive a refund of any amounts paid in advance for hosting in subsequent months.

Amounts paid for hosting service during the month of cancellation are non-refundable.

Web Site Design Refund Policy

The "Web Site Design Policy" applies to Web Site design services managed by WebValence and provided by one of our associate designers. These policies refer to any web site design and construction project regardless of where the site is eventually hosted.

Project Scoping and Definition

Projects over $750
New customers who order new web site design or existing web site re-design meet with a project manager to assist them in developing a written specification for the web site project. Documentation provided by the WebValence project manager includes project scope, features, design detail, fixed price, and projected schedule.

There is a $250 charge for this project definition and price proposal service, $125 of which is payable in advance. This payment is non-refundable.

Projects under $750
New customers who order a new web site design or existing web site re-design valued at less than $750 shall meet with a web site designer to develop a verbal understanding of the scope and direction of the design effort. If the designer agrees that the work can be accomplished for less than $750, a price proposal is sent by a WebValence project manager to the customer. The proposal is an email message, listing the features of the site and the price quote.

There is no charge for this project scoping and price proposal service, and therefore, no possibility of any refund.

Project Agreement and Down Payment

If the customer decides to proceed, a down payment is collected before beginning design on the project. The down payment is intended to pay for the cost of developing project documentation and performing preliminary design. For smaller projects the down payment is 50%. For larger projects, the down payment is 25% to 33%.

The down payment on web site construction is non-refundable.

Progress Payments and Payment on Completion

Following the decision to proceed, a design, or set of alternative designs is developed for review and approval. Upon design approval, subsequent steps including layout, navigation, and site construction will continue. As site construction continues on larger projects, progress payments are requested.

Progress payments and the final payment on a web site design job are non-refundable.

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