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WebValence Hosting Service Prices

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Payment may be made monthly, quarterly or annually by check or credit. A 10% discount is applied with annual prepayment.

WebValence Internet Hosting
Monthly Prices
Commerce Plan Broadcast Plan Marketing Plan Optional Addition
Plan Price
$15/mo  $25/mo $25/mo $35/mo  
Account Setup Fee
One time, for new accounts
$25 $1251 $25 $1251  
Domain Name Registration
Registrar: Enom
$15/yr $15/yr $15/yr $15/yr $15/yr
Plan Features Web Plan Commerce Plan Broadcast Plan Marketing Plan Optional Addition
Web Sites
1 1 1 1 $15/site
Piggy Back Web Sites         $5/mo
Blog Page

1 1 1 1  
Secure credit transactions off-line or on-line
  Included   Included  
Added Domain Alias Names2         No Cost
Email Account Users3
(with spam & virus protection)
5 users 5 users 5 users 10 users $5/mo
per 5-pack
Email forwarding addresses4
(forward to Email address)
20 20 20 40  
Office Group Address
(one address forwards to your whole office)
1 1 1  
Email auto-responders
(provide auto response by Email)
unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited  
Email Marketing 5
    1 1  
Ezine scheduling
(Web Site to manage your newsletter broadcasts)

  included included  
Web Site Ezine Archive6
(Automatically add to your Ezine archive)

  included included  
Fill in Form8
(receive Email from your Web Site Visitors)
included included included included  
Standard Visitor Stats9
(Visitor statistics from Analog or AWStats)
included included included included  
Site Search Engine10
$5 $5
$5 $5
Audio Sound Clips included* included* included* included*  
MySQL Database
1* 1* 1* 1* $5
FileMaker Database
Filemaker Remote, Lasso/PHP Access
  1*   1* $5
PHP, Perl, Python & Lasso
included* included* included* included*  
Web pages, graphics and multimedia
10 GB 10 GB 10 GB 20 GB $10/10GB
Downloads GB/month
20 GB 20 GB 20 GB 20 GB $10/20GB
FTP unlimited access included included included included  

Contact us at support@webvalence.com if your needs differ from the standard hosting plans. See foot notes for additional explanation.

Sign UP Sign up for a new Web Site Hosting Account

Adding Service Adding service? Email a request to support@webvalence.com

Email Marketing hosting is also available separately

* Clarifications on Setup and Maintenance Fees

Additional setup fee may apply for asterisked features. In most cases, owners, web designers, or virtual assistants can also setup these features for a potential savings.

Footnotes to Pricing Table

  1. Additional setup charge: Includes one kiosk with up to 10 products. Customers may add additional products See Ecommerce topic.
  2. Additional domain names (Alias Names) may link to the site home page, or another one-page entry portal within the site.
  3. A hosting account includes up to four Email users. An Email user is one person, who may have one email box and up to 5 additional email forwarding addresses.
  4. Forwarding addresses are limited to 5 per user, or 20 per account.
  5. Broadcast and Marketing plans include a 2500 messages/month Ezine broadcasting capacity.
  6. Ezine archive capability is included in the Broadcast and Marketing plans. We also recommend a $50 optional newsletter archive setup to customize your Ezine archive to look like your web site.
  7. See search engine publishing for more information.
  8. Web to mail form sends Email message to site owner and possibly the site visitor. Additional setup charge.
  9. Standard site stats are generated by Analog or AWStats.
  10. Web site search engine is recommended only for large sites, to help people find topics from the home page of your site. Additional setup charge.

See Setup Price Guidelines for more information

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