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Web Site Maintenance Recommendation

Motivated customers can expect to learn web site maintenance, by updating and adding to a professionally-designed web site. We recommend Macromedia Contribute as the best web site maintenance tool for most Customers.

More on Site-maintenance with Contribute

If you have no intention of developing web site design skills, we also offer reasonably priced maintenance services on an hourly basis.

Web Site Maintenance Price Guide

The following maintenance and development prices are the guidelines that we use, when we perform customer ordered work. Many customers, or web designers, also do this maintenance or development.

Contact us at support@webvalence.com if your needs differ from the standard hosting plans.

Web Site Updates
Extra Web Page Creation
(per page, from your clean copy)
approx 1 hr
Extra Web Site Page Creation
(per page, from your rough draft)
approx 2 hr
Custom Web Site Interactive Programming
(This applies to store fronts, assessments and interactive features that require programming.)
Database Design and Programming
(Virtual universities and other applications for our relational database engines.)
Java Script Interactive Programming
(forms, layers, images...)
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