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Email Marketing Pro Monthly Hosting Prices

Email Marketing best practices suggest sending one to two messages per month, mindful of the tension between retaining "mind share" while avoiding "overwhelm". If you follow this advice, you will quickly conclude that plans offering "unlimited mailing" are using a marketing gimmick (supersize me) in order to gain your business.

Prices are based on the number of messages per month. Email Marketing Pro maintains a count of messages sent each month and restricts you from exceeding your limit. If you need to send more messages in a month, call or Email to increase your quota.

Email Marketing Pro
Service Level Prices
Email Marketing Pro
Service Level
per Month
Monthly Price
A up to
B up to
C Up to
D up to
E up to
F up to
I up to
L up to

Payment may be made monthly, quarterly or annually by check or credit. A 10% discount is applied with annual prepayment.

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Messages per Month Example:
If your subscribers number 500 and you broadcast to all weekly, your messages per month are calculated as:

(500 subscribers) X (4 broadcasts/month)
    = 2,000 messages/month

2,000 messages per month matches the Beginner plan with room for growth.

More on Prices

Prices in the table are in $US per month.

Prices vary by the number of messages sent per month. The example at right shows how messages per month are calculated.

Your minimum hosting fee is $15/month even if you send no broadcasts in a given month. Marketing experts recommend one or two per month; never more than once per week.

Email Marketing Account Setup Fee

New Email Marketing accounts require a $25.00 setup fee. The setup fee includes the following services:
  1. First partial month of hosting fees (or full month if you sign up on the first of the month).
  2. Configure and test to ensure that your Email Marketing is functioning, fix any startup problems
  3. Initialize your Email Marketing subscription, cancellation, and confirmation messages for subscribers
  4. Upload your present list of subscribers to your Email Marketing account, if any
  5. Initialize your account in our Email Marketing Control Panel
  6. Provide support for getting started.

The Email Marketing Account Setup fee is non-refundable.

Hi Marty and Eddy!

This is the best value I have had in a long time. Keep up the great work. I LOVE your service!

All the best,
David Herdlinger

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