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Additional Email Marketing Services

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Custom Newsletter Template Design Service

Newsletter and Web Archive design can be performed by any capable web designer. However, it's cost-effective for WebValence to do this because we're generally more familiar with our system and the limitations of the Email environment.

We add graphics, pictures to your custom layout creating a custom newsletter template that you can publish with plain-text content for $100 - $200, depending on the complexity of design.

Dear Jaci,

Thanks for letting me know the fees [for designing my newsletter template].  Considering all the work you folks have put into supporting it, I'd say it's one of the best bargains around!

I certainly feel I got my money's worth and THEN some!  Thank you so much. Good luck!


For more Information See examples of WebValence Email Marketing designs

Managed Email Marketing Service

Some customers appreciate additional help with the process of readying editions for broadcast. Managed Email Marketing service provides help with Email marketing broadcasts either at regular intervals or as needed.

Periodic Service (Regular Intervals)

This service is for email newsletters that are sent at regular recurring intervals. Fees are charged monthly for either a monthly or biweekly broadcast. Managed weekly broadcasts are also an option. Fees for periodic distribution are charged based on how often the broadcast is sent.

Aperiodic Service (As Needed)

This service is for email newsletters that do not occur at regular intervals. Fees are charged at an hourly rate of $50 per hour, with a $25 minimum. Once you've approved the broadcast, changes to the content or send schedule will result in the minimum charge or more, depending on the extent of work required. There is no additional charge to resend an exact copy of a broadcast.

With both the periodic and as-needed broadcasts, the following policies are to be honored.

Managed Email Marketing Policies
  1. Content is be provided to WebValence at least two business days in advance of the date the email marketing broadcast is to be sent.
  2. Customers send an email approving the email broadcast before it is sent. Final approval for broadcasts are be given by 2 PM, Pacific time, on the business day prior to the scheduled send date.
  3. Email marketing messages are sent on any day of the week; however the time of day cannot be precisely guaranteed. If the message is to be sent by WebValence on a weekend or holiday, only one message per day will be scheduled.

See Managed Email Marketing Prices.

Please contact support if you are interested in discussing content syndication further.

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