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Email Marketing Services (Ezines)

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Email Marketing Benefits

Email provides an effective way to build a network and generate sales. Despite recent popularity of social media, twittering, and blogging, our customers still report that Email marketing provides their best results for building and sustaining a large community of followers.

Whether you send a regular periodic Ezine, an Email marketing campaign, or Email autoresponders, we support your permission-based Email Marketing.

Hi Eddy (and Marty)!

Every time I receive a statement from you I am reminded of what a great bargain your services are. Subscriptions, cancellations, and mailing of my newsletters are now a snap thanks to your wonderful service. That gives me valuable time to spend on my practice and with my family. Many Thanks!

Life is good,
David Herdlinger

Email Marketing Pro Features

Our Email Marketing Pro service provides various Email Marketing services to multiple groups of subscribers from a single user account.

Features at a Glance
Category Feature Support
Preparing and Broadcasting  
  Send Plain Text Edition Yes
  Send HTML Edition Yes
  Send Both HTML and Plain Text Edition Yes
  Attach File to Edition Yes
  Include Graphics in Multipart Edition Yes
  Broadcast from Owner Email Address Yes
  Send Broadcast from Email Program No
  Use Custom HTML Template Yes
  Use Multiple Templates per Account Yes
  Select from Provided Stock Templates 32
  Edit in Browser with WYSIWYG Editor Full
  Upload and Insert Images Yes
  Resize Images Yes
  Address Edition Individually Yes
  Include Personal Individual Salutation Yes
  Include Personal Address Line Yes
  Activate Multiple Mailing Lists Per Account Yes
  Check Edition for Email Compatibility Yes
  Check Edition for Spam Triggers Yes
  Schedule Multiple Future Editions Yes
  Schedule Time of Day Broadcast Yes
  Schedule Multiple Editions Per Day Yes
  Monitor Progress of Broadcast Yes
Subscribe and Cancel  
  Customize Subscriber Data Fields Yes
  Segment Mailing List by Subscriber Data Yes
  Auto Generate Subscriber Form Yes
  Provide Anti Spam Field in Form Yes
  Autorespond to Subscription Yes
  Autorespond to Cancellation Yes
  Self-Maintain Subscriber Details Yes
  Cancel Subscription with One-Click Yes
  Inhibit Spambot Subscribe and Cancel Yes
  Sequential Autoresponders Yes
  Multiple Sequential Autoresponders Yes
  Variable Autoresponder Timing Yes
  Count Subscriber Impressions Yes
  Count of Unique Subscriber Impressions Yes
  Indentify Individuals Who Opened Yes
  Count Clicks on Links Yes
  Identify Individuals Who Click Links Yes
  Segment Subscribers on Response Yes
  Web Archive of Broadcasts Yes
  RSS Subscribe to Broadcast Archive Yes
  Automatically Remove Bounce Addresses Yes
  Provide Syndicated Content for Others No
  Provide Email Discussion Forum No
  Actively Developing Enhancements Yes

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More on Emarketing Pro Features

Features included in all our accounts:
  • Support: Our support staff all reside in the US, and they know their stuff. Their names are: Eddy, Jaci, Meg, Peren, and Marty. Contact by phone on weekdays, or by Email anytime.
  • Ad Free: Never an ad, unless it's yours.
  • Personalized Email: Each message is individually addressed and delivered to the recipient with their name and address in the to address field. Each message originates from the address you choose, typically with your name and address in the from address field. At your option, you may include the subscriber's name in the subject or body of the message.
  • Sending Options: Prepare and send your editions from our Emarketing Pro Control Panel.
  • HTML Editing: Ready your HTML content without knowing any HTML via the free optional HTML editing feature.
  • HTML Templates: The layout of your Ezine, including your graphics, may be saved as a template. Each new edition may be produced by editing text into a graphical template to be ready for broadcast. You don't have to know anything about HTML to deliver a beautifully styled Ezine. Templates may be custom designed, or adapted from a our stock templates.
  • Live Links: HTML hyperlinks can easily be included in your Email Marketing to link the reader to web pages.
  • Optional Message Formats: Deliver your messages in Plain Text, HTML, or Both so that readers can display their preferred format.
  • Schedule content delivery: Schedule a day and time for your broadcast in advance.
  • Ecourse delivery: Deliver your content sequentially, from the first lesson to the last, beginning when a subscriber joins the course.
  • Bounce Management: Automated bounce management tracks hard and soft bounces and automatically removes subscribers whose addresses are no longer working.
  • Subscriber Management: Invite subscribers to receive your mailings. Subscribers manage their own subscriptions from a supplied web page on our web site, from your web site, or via Email.
  • Double Opt-In: Web subscriptions require a double opt-in to comply with Best Practices and Anti Spam Standards.
  • Customized Invitation, Confirmation, Welcome, and Goodbye: All of the subscriber messages may be customized in either plain text or HTML.
  • Broadcast Archive: At your option, previous editions of your Email Marketing may be automatically archived on our server.
  • Reporting: Reports track your Email Marketing activity, include subscriptions, cancellations, subscribers, broadcasts, impressions, click-throught, and bounce processing results.
  • Subscriber List: Access your subscriber list for back-up or transport to your contact manager. Subscriber lists are protected from disclosure.
  • Hacker Proof: You can rest assured that your list of subscribers is never shared, sold, nor compromised.
  • Virus Proof: Using our Broadcast Management web site assures that your subscribers will never need fear from receiving a virus from your broadcasts.
  • Can-Spam Compliance: Broadcast with assurance that you are Can-Spam and recommended best practices compliant.

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