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WebValence Postini Spam and Virus Filtering

WebValence provides Postini virus and spam filtering to assure that we provide timely mail without wasteful spam and harmful viruses. (Postini is a wholly owned division of Google.)

How Incoming Mail is Managed

Postini mail services are private and secure. Nobody else has access to customer Email.

Customers control the settings on filters which detect virus and junk mails. Increase the filter settings to stop more suspicious mail; decrease them to allow more suspicious mail to reach the Inbox.

Spam and Virus Filteringl: How it Works

  • Incoming Email passes through Postini's automated filters that detect and email and viruses. Messages are given a probable spam and virus scores.
  • Suspicious email, scoring above the customer-established threshold is sent to the customer's personal, web-based, password-protected Message Center (it does not arrive at the customer's Inbox). Think of this as a quarantine area. Customers can read the quarantined email online, delete it, or deliver (forward) it to their Inbox.
  • For the first few weeks, customers should visit their Message Center daily and review the contents fo the quarantine. Postini "remembers and learns" from interaction. As time goes on customers will be able to rely on Postini's periodic reminders of Message Center activity.
  • Postini lets customers "block" senders; meaning email from them will always be filtered.
  • Customers can "approve" senders; meaning their Email will always be delivered.

In summary, customers have a control over how Postini handles mail. When the service is activated, Customers are automatically sent instructions on how to access their Message Center and how to customize their junk Email and virus protection.

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