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Email Services Importance

Email is critical to running a business. Our robust Email service enables any Email program or web mail. Your mail is spam and virus-filtered to eliminate wasted time and risk of information loss.

Whether you connect to the Internet through a national provider like Comcast, a local provider in your city, or an unfamiliar computer in the business suite of a hotel, our Email services will work for you.

Email Services Features

Virus Protection

We employ Postini to scan and classify incoming messages. Mail that is classified as viral is quarantined in the Postini customer message center. Customers may safely review quarantined messages.

Customers are urged to provide and maintain their own personal virus protection. We assume no responsibility for customer equipment or software and data located on customer equipment.

Spam Filtering

We employ Postini to scan and classify incoming messages. Mail that is classified as spam is quarantined in the Postini customer message center. Customers may review quarantined messages and adjust spam filtering parameters.

More about Spam and Virus protection


I just wanted you to know that since using Postini in the last year or so (maybe longer now), the junk mail and virus’ that came multiple times daily have almost stopped. And the new stuff that still comes gets filtered extremely well (98%). Thanks for making the product available as it still amazes me every Monday morning when I get my notification of how well it works.

John Dyer, Factor Ten

Forwarding addresses

Recommended for those who want the convenience of using a single existing Email box for all their mail.

Mail sent to a forwarding address at your domain is normally forwarded to your personal mail box at any host anywhere. For example, if you own the domain "worldcoach.com", you could have a mailbox called "bill@worldcoach.com" which would forward to your bill1234@aol.com mail box. This mail would appear in your box as if it had originally addressed to bill1234@aol.com.

Spam and virus protection is applied to incoming messages to forwarded addresses.

Post Office boxes

Recommended for those who want a competely consistent internet appearance so that all stationery and marketing can refer to a single domain and consistent Email address. Post Office boxes require the use of an Email program such as Entourage, Eudora, Netscape, Mail, Outlook or web mail.

Email sent to a Post Office Box at your domain is stored for you to retrieve at your convenience. For example, if you own the domain "worldcoach.com," you could have a post office box called "fran@worldcoach.com" and check this mailbox for incoming mail at your convenience. This also allows you to set your return address as fran@worldcoach.com.

Virus and Spam filtering is normally applied to incoming messages to Email boxes.

Both POP3 and IMAP mail boxes are available. POP3 is the most commonly used mail box protocol. IMAP is recommended for people who use more than one computer.

Web Mail

Post Office boxes may also be accessed via built in web mail. Web mail provides most of the functions that you expect from your Email program. For example, you can read, compose, send, forward, and redirect messages from the Web Mail web site.

Group distribution

Recommended for small companies or groups with associates or employees in various locations.

Mail sent to this address at your domain is distributed to previously defined members of your group or company. For example, if you own the domain "mycompany.com," you could have a distribution center called "salesforce@mycompany.com". Members of the salesforce group would receive their individual copies of Email sent to this mailbox.

A default address "All@mycopmany.com" will send a message to all the mail accounts at your company.


Recommended for those who are are using Email marketing techniques, or where an immediate response to an received Email is of paramount importance.

Mail sent to this address at your domain receives a previously defined immediate response message. For example, if you own the domain "myinstitute.com," you could have an autoresponder called "registration@myinstitute.com." People sending an Email message to registration@myinstitute.com would receive your previously developed information about registration procedures and options.

Responders are setup and updated via the Email admin web site, and may be changed by customers at any time.

Serial Auto-responders

Serial auto responders are often used to implement Ecourses, so that a series of lessons is sent in order on a scheduled interval. Serial auto responders may be constructed in plain text or HTML with both text and graphics. See Ezine services for more information on Ecourses.

Web page form-to-Email

Your web site may employ both Email links and Email forms.

Email links are simple hypertext tag that invokes a visitor's Email program when clicked. The visitor can then type their comments or questions and send the message to you.

Email forms allow you to request specific information and transmit that information to you in a readable Email message. This allows you to implement web page surveys, guest comments, and so forth.

Email forms are recommended as a good way to solicit questions and comments from your guests. Keep in mind that it's important to provide prompt and professional replies to Email questions.


We use the robust, high traffic Communigate Pro mail server.

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