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Getting Started with Ecommerce

If you are a credit card merchant, we can quickly establish secure web pages which accept payments from customers at your web site. Purchases may be settled off-line in your office, or on line with a payment gateway such as
  • Authorize.net
  • Intuit: Innovative Merchants
  • iTransact
  • Linkpoint / YourPay
  • PayPal: Standard or PayFlow Pro
  • Costco: VirtualMerchant
  • eProcessing

Becoming a Credit Card Merchant is Optional

Becoming a credit card merchant is recommended if you have enough sales volume to justify the startup fees and fixed monthly fees that go with credit card merchant accounts. Such volume will be measured in thousand/month and up.

Being an on-line credit card merchant involves a bank, a financial network, a processing gateway, an ISP, and special Ecommerce software on your web site. These functions are often performed by different companies. Fortunately, most of the organizations involved and the complexity of their interactions will be invisible to you as a merchant account owner.

Credit Card merchant accounts enabled for on line payments can be obtained from several sources:

  • Banks
  • Internet companies (Intuit, Google, PayPal, Practice Pay)
  • Mass marketers (Costco)

In general, banks tend to charge higher fees than Internet companies and mass marketers.

If you expect a relatively low transaction volume (a few hundred dollars a month) you should consider using a PayPal. PayPal does not require you to be a credit card merchant. PayPal consolidates the services required for on line credit card merchandising. For the standard PayPal, you are charged somewhat higher transaction fees, but no monthly fees, nor startup fees. Consequently, your overhead cost of sales through PayPal will be lower than for a credit card merchant until your sales volume rises.

PayPal also offers the extra-cost Payflow Pro, which operates like other gateways and does not require the user to actually enter the PayPal site. Payflow Pro adds the advantage of not requiring the purchaser to transfer to the PayPal web site.

Pricing Information on WebValence Ecommerce Setup and Hosting

WebValence Ecommerce Philosophy

Our Ecommerce system is designed such that:
  • Purchasing a product/service on your web site is seamless. Both the product/service display page and the purchasing process look like part of the owner's web site.

    (Exception: The PayPal standard gateway requires a transfer to the PayPal web site to take payment.)
  • A standard shopping cart is organized in an easily-navigated standard series of steps.
  • Customers are not expected to perform initial setup on their own Ecommerce. WebValence is able to setup an Ecommerce facility quickly.
  • Once the customer's Ecommerce site is operating, customers are encouraged to update their portfolio of products and services at any time.
  • Ecommerce provides expansion capabilites including: Email to former customers and Sales through Affiliates.
  • Ecommerce may be converted from one payment method to another without reworking the product catalog. You can start selling with PayPal and convert to Authorize.Net without impacting your shopping catalog.

Our in-house Ecommerce system meets the needs of our typical customers. If your Commerce needs are more demanding, we recommend Zen Cart, which is more appropriate for large catalogs, many product options, and standard shipping modules.

Supported Payment Methods

With your purchasing Kiosk, you can use either of the following options to process the credit card transactions for sales on your site.
  1. Web Site Retrieval: Retrieve purchases from a password protected web page; process purchases off line using your own terminal or pc. Recommended for low volumes of purchases and for people who want an easy manual method of retrieving purchases.
  2. On-Line Authorization: Receive notice of already processed purchases via Email. Recommended for high volumes of purchases. This method requires that the web site owner establish an account with a gateway provider.

    We don't sell credit card merchant accounts or gateway accounts. If you need a reference, we'll be happy to provide one. Please contact support@webvalence.com.

Supported Shipping Price Calculations

WebValence Ecommerce provides flexible shipping price options to those products that require shipping. The following basic methods of calculating shipping are provided:
  • No shipping - $0 shipping price regardless of order
  • Shipping based on fixed value - same shipping price regardless of the order quantity or size
  • Shipping based on order quantity - item shipping price times number of items
  • Shipping based on order price - shipping calculated as percentage of the total price

Modifications may be applied to the shipping calculations above:

  • Shipping modified by destination factor - shipping price increased for foreign destination
  • Calculated includes shipping quantity discount - shipping price reduced for larger orders

Supported Product and Services

Our Ecommerce supports several different types of products and services including:
  • products requiring shipment
  • products for download
  • services delivered via teleconference
  • services delivered via telephone
  • services delivered on site
  • services delivered via newsletter or e-course

Customer Follow-Up Marketing Option

Marketing coaches stress the importance of maintaining contact with your customers. Having purchased from you once, they are much more likely to purchase again.

The optional Follow-up Marketing component maintains a record of all your customers and their prior purchases. With customer purchase records, you can select a subset of your customers, or all of them and easily Email news of noteworthy events, special offers, or information about new products and services.

Sales Affiliates Option

Marketing coaches recommend increasing sales with Affiliates. Affiliates are other web sites which increase the exposure of your products or services, in return for a sales commission.

The optional Sales Affiliate component provides the following capabilities:

  • Permits Affiliates to register themselves with your Web Site
  • Provides registered Affiliates with instructions on how to link to your Ecommerce
  • Tracks purchases made by customers who came from the Affiliate sites
  • Summarizes monthly commissions due to Affiliates for sales from their sites
  • Permits Affiliates to login and review the purchases that were made by their referred customers

The Sales Affiliate Option does require an additional setup and familiarization.

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