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Color Palette and Type Face

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Color Palettes and Type Faces

Effective use of colors and type are an important component of design. Customers can specify virtually any combination of color and type, although most of our customers leave specific selections to our designers.

Color palettes change by design and today's color palettes will look out-of-date in a few years. These example palettes were designed using the year 2000 color trends. You may notice that some of them look quite dated.

The following examples are presented to stimulate your thinking about colors and type faces. Colors will appear different with different ambient light, different types of screens and different types of computers.

Example Color Palettes and Type Faces

Times, navy and a good shade of red are colors for a site that means business and wants to look that way.

To break away from business tradition, try shades of a nuetral color, like gray, accompanied by an accent color. Break away further with a font that looks handwritten: calliographed, printed or scripted?

Remember wedgewood pottery? Wedgewood blue was the most popular, but orange was also part of the line.

Lovely purple flowers growing in a bed of sandy soil.

Water, palms, and rest from the burning sun. In the desert, the oasis is the place to be.

A pride of lions on the Savannah in Kenya inspired this palette.

Anasazi colors: adobe earth, turquoise stone, and purple mountain ranges. Navaho country.

The Color Association of the US makes it their business to forecast what's going to be all the rage in fashion colors. Expect to see pink, orange and heather tones in greens, purples and blues. Moss green too!

Those Home Grocer designers study the color trends to know what's in this year. Inspired by one of their marketing brochures.


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