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WebValence Code of Ethics

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WebValence provides Internet services which are of high quality and content. We support various professions including coaches, consultants, certified counselors, licensed social workers, psychologists, ministers, attorneys, health care providers and small business owners.

Standards of Content

We endorse a moral and ethical code that maintains respect for both the customers we serve and the clients our customers serve. Products or services provided by our customers including teleclass instruction, workshops, web sites, newsletters, audio or video media shall respect the privacy, health, and well being of their customers.

Material published by our customers affects public perception of professions represented among our customers and of WebValence. We require that all services provided by customers reflect professional and ethical practices of their respective professions. As is customary with the ethics of these professions, we do not condone written or verbal comments of a nature that are clearly in violation of accepted moral and ethical standards. In particular, we do not serve content which is illegal, unethical, or immoral, including pornographic, inflammatory, or demeaning content.


We support only opt-in messaging, meaning that email originated by our customers and handled by our messaging systems shall only be sent to people who have specifically indicated their desire to receive it.

Professional Practices

We provide services that are within the reasonable bounds of our competence. We clearly represent our level of knowledge and limit our services to that level. We are careful to represent facts truthfully to customers and referral sources regarding our credentials and services rendered. We make realistic statements regarding the internet hosting, web site design, e-commerce, email broadcasting, teleconferencing and distance learning.

When we are unable or unwilling to provide professional services, we make a reasonable effort to refer to another provider.

Professional Relationships

We cooperate with other professional persons in the Internet community. We are part of a network of providers in which we develop and maintain positive inter-disciplinary and inter-professional relationships.

We exercise care and professional courtesy when approached by potential customers who are currently receiving hosting, design, or teleconferencing from another Providers. We ask that potential customers inform their current provider of any concerns and interest in receiving services not provided, as a first means of resolving those concerns.

We make agreements with certain providers to accept and pay commissions.

Affiliates and Commissions See our Affiliates and Commissions Disclosure

Customer Relationships

We recognize the unique power of the Internet hosting relationship and the trust placed in WebValence as the host, site designer and software developer. We avoid exploiting this trust and dependency by avoiding dual relationships with customers which could impair our professional judgment, compromise the integrity of the treatment, and/or use the relationship for our own gain.


Any advertising is undertaken with the purpose of helping potential customers make informed choices. We honestly represent our professional qualifications, certifications, affiliations and functions. Web sites and brochures promoting our services describe them with accuracy. We send emails to prospective customers only in response to inquiries or subscriptions.

WebValence offers services to helping professionals and we follow the policies typical of many helping professionals. We do not compensate representatives of the press, radio, television or other communication medium for the purpose of professional publicity. Paid advertisements are identified as such, unless it is contextually apparent that it is a paid advertisement.

We are responsible for the content of advertisements. Any advertisement to the public by radio or television is to be pre-recorded, approved by WebValence and a recording of the actual transmission is retained in our possession. We do not pay customers to advertise for WebValence.

WebValence does not solicit testimonial endorsements from current or past customers. WebValence may request consent to use a customer's unsolicited statement as a testimonial endorsement. Permission from the customer to use a testimonial must be received in writing and include the form of advertisement for which it will be used. With permission from the customer, display of web sites or other projects may be included on WebValence web sites.


WebValence may sponsor an event in which the proceeds are intended for charitable purposes and the event being sponsored is not an organization of a WebValence customer. Sponsorship of charitable events will be made to eligible charities outlined in the WebValence charitable giving policies.

Charitable Giving See our Charitable Giving Policies

WebValence will allocate ten percent of our profits for charitable giving or sponsorship each year and all donations and sponsorships will be drawn from this amount. Sponsorship of charitable fundraising activities may include capital campaigns and sports events.

Recognizing that sponsorships change the relationship between WebValence and their customers, WebValence does not use sponsorships of customer’s events for marketing or promotional purposes.

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