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Charitable Giving Policies

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Social Responsibility

WebValence is committed to our corporate social responsibility and we strive to be good citizens. We invest in programs that have a helpful impact on society and the communities in which we operate. Our objective is to strengthen our world and better serve society.

Charitable Giving Policy

WebValence contributes ten percent of our profits to the global community by partnering with non-profits that have a mutual commitment to find solutions that make a real and lasting difference in people's lives. WebValence’s charitable giving program focuses on providing Internet services for the under-served with the goal of transforming communities, helping people realize their potential and improving quality of life.

WebValence assists nonprofits in using the Internet to fulfill their mission and deliver services more effectively. Through discounts for web hosting, e-mail newsletter hosting, teleconferencing and team volunteer hours, WebValence supports numerous non-profit organizations to expand opportunities through Internet and teleconferencing access.

WebValence also supports the team’s individual acts of giving and the organizations that inspire them. We encourage our team and our customers to make a difference by donating their time, money, and talents to nonprofit agencies - to help build stronger, sustainable communities.

Charitable Giving Priorities

Our philanthropic mission is to foster relationships and partnerships that address social and economic needs in the community. We invest in and partner with organizations that focus on peace & social justice, health, education, environment, economically and socially-disadvantaged people, crisis intervention and disaster relief, Alzheimer’s Disease, music and art.

Submitting Proposals to WebValence

Nonprofit organizations are welcome to submit proposals for our giving programs if they meet our general eligibility criteria and giving guidelines. Unsolicited proposals are accepted once a year between December 1-15. Proposals are considered for funding during the month of January and may be submitted to support@webvalence.com. We regret that we are not able to fund every proposal.

WebValence will consider the following organizational types eligible for funding:

  • Nonprofit—in the United States, 501(c)(3) designation—or non-governmental organizations that hold charitable status in their country
  • School-based—a nonprofit or governmental organization that provides services to the community outside of school hours, such as evenings and weekends
  • Government funded and operated—a nonprofit organization that receives government funding or is a partner with a governmental organization to run their programs. This includes Community Health Clinics designated as Community Health Center Programs by the U.S. Department of Health.

The following are not eligible to receive donations from WebValence:

  • Individuals
  • Private foundations
  • Nonprofit organizations without a current 501(c)(3) exempt status or non-governmental organizations without equivalent charitable status in their own country
  • Hospitals
  • Conferences or symposia
  • Sponsorship of events, tables, exhibitions, or performances
  • Fund-raising events such as luncheons, dinners, walks, runs, or sports tournaments
  • K–12 schools are not eligible for funding for programs during school hours
  • Political, labor, and fraternal organizations
  • Religious organizations that provide services to people mainly to people of that belief, require a belief in a specific faith for membership, or propagate a belief in a specific faith.


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