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WebValence Affiliations and Commissions Disclosure

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About Affiliations and Commissions

The Internet is replete with affiliation opportunities. An affiliation is simply an arrangement by which a referrer receives a commission for a referral that leads to a sale.

We believe that customers should know about such business relationships, so that she/he may avoid being inappropriately influenced by advice received from an Internet professional.

We recognize that this is counter to common business practice, wherein commissions structures and residuals are usually confidential. Because we have strong roots in social services and psychology; we think it's the ethical way to operate.


WebValence both receives commissions from others and pays commissions to others for the sale of services that are related to our business.

We strive to form carefully chosen business relationships, so that our customers receive excellent service at competitive prices, and so that customers are given realistic and helpful advice.

All such business relationships are subject to written contracts which expressly forbid the use of unsolicited email or message board postings to gather customers. Our contractors are required to make realistic statements about our hosting features, processes, and probable outcomes.

Of course, you may always rest assured that information about you will not be shared with third party marketers.

Commissions Paid

Design Affiliates

WebValence maintains a small cadre of highly qualified designers and web site specialists with whom we subcontract work that is placed in our care. These designers receive a 15% commission on Internet hosting accounts referred to us.

Commissions Received

Domain Registry

WebValence receives a $6 commission on each name that is registered or renewed for our customers with Bulk Register.

Merchant Accounts and Gateways

WebValence receives no commission for referrals for Merchant Accounts and Gateway services.

End User Software

WebValence receives no commission for recommendations on any end-user software products.

Secure Socket Layer Certificates

WebValence adds a hosting service fee of $10/month for the use of our SSL Certificate and the safe handling of customer credit card data.


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